Winding up

Well, the final submission has been uploaded, and we've successfully managed to not use this diary for anything other than pictures of food and costumes.

Anyone who wants to see some evidence that we've been doing something other than eating and drinking all week is welcome to try out our game: Wound Up! version 1.0.2 is available from the entry listing page. We'd especially like to hear from people playing using Python 2.4, or on systems with slower graphics cards, as these were two of the situations in which it had the least testing. Also, let us know your high scores!

Finally, just in case you thought we'd forgotten, some photos of pie.

DSC00400 DSC00405

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What a lovely game (and nice pies), it must be a great idea to mix cooking and coding. The game crashes at startup with an X-windows set video mode error if I start it directly without commandline parameters.

Changing the resolution, for example: "python -r 640x480" works well.

Otherwise, the game works fast except it gets occasional slowdowns.
(system: 3+ GHz, 1 GiB ram, Linux Ubuntu Feisty, Python 2.5, buggy Ati Radeon 9800se)

works ok for me with python 2.4 - win XP+sp2.
Sigurdur: Those slowdowns are probably due to the particle effects, which are implemented in a pretty idiotic fashion (it's my own code, I'm allowed to say that). You can probably get much better performance, without losing much visual prettiness, by using the --no-particles command line switch.
This has been great! I'm definitely doing next PyWeek too, with a little more experience. Glad to see Python 2.4 is handling it fine. I started working on that in the dying hours and only tested it on Linux. Sigurdur: Cooking and coding is the way to go, PieWeek was tremendously successful. All credit to our teammate Carrie for the pies.
PieWeek :)
richard: yes sadly that is how all the pie cooking started. Chard came round one day and mention he was doing something called pyweek with adam. I knew better but decided to take this the wrong way and took the week off work to make pies given I couldn't contribute to the actual game writing due to not knowing python. It worked out rather well I think. I even managed to contribute to the game in the end, my ability to use GIMP has definitely improved :-)
That's cool - just as long as my invitation is in the mail for the next PieWeek :)
richard: Sure! :-) Not sure we can cover the travel expenses to the UK though.