Post-server-melting post

So, pyweek 5 is over. I'd like to thank Richard for hosting the pyweek (hosting the pyweek is hard, you have to deal with the smell of burning servers ;)).

As I count now we have only 37 entries, but I believe there are still those who sent their MD5s and need to upload. Last pyweek we had 53, so I think, even with the ones who didn't upload yet, it's looks like a decrease.

For me, this pyweek was especially tiresome, but I had fun. I hope you enjoy my game. Looking back at the goals I set at the beginning of the pyweek:

- Planning: I think I did ok. Planned a lot, but sometimes I wondered if if I had planned some more things would've gone quicker. Anyway, I'll take it as a goal achieved, because the lack of planning didn't interfere too much in my game.
- Balancing: Spent some time balancing, but I'm not sure it's well balanced. I'll only know after I read the comments. Let's say at least half a goal achieved because this time I spent a few hours trying to balance it.
- Sounds: Unfortunately, I only had time to add music. Still, that's better than last time, so I'll call it half a goal achieved.

My game unfortunately suffers from an unintuitive interface, though, but if you read the README.txt things will be fine (I hope). :)

I'm looking forward to play all your games, but I'll wait for everyone to upload and a torrent to be released. By the way, when will it be released?

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It may not. We might have more luck getting an unoffical torrent running.

08:20   eugman  Well at least the website is up. Richard, I heard you might now
                be doing a torrent?
08:20   richard  no, I'm not planning on doing one at this time

About the interface: maybe simply highlighting click/drag-able stuff when hovering over it would have solved that. Then I would just try to click/drag everything that blinks and figure out what it does eventually. But after reading the readme it was no problem

A torrent would be very convenient. Would anyone like to volunteer to make an unofficial torrent? We need to wait until all entries are up, though.
Do we? Why not make two. One for the ones up now and one for when they all get in.