Day Three Summary - Pictures & Code

Here's the snapshot of our work thus far:

Today at work I fought with python, but couldn't get it to work right (stupid intel macs), so I wrote up the credit roll module blind and tested it when I got home. Also today I worked to get a bunch of our specific hard coded hacks out of the way and slightly cleaned up everything. Also put some more work into the map code. We have a start line, so we can count laps whenever my brain starts working again. Erik also cleaned up a bunch of code and started on the HUD design. He also took some time to yell at me for my horridly designed map config file when him and Scott tried to make a few new maps.

Our artists have been getting things in motion. You can see two samples of their work here and here. Hopefully I can post some music samples tomorrow night. Should be good!

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wow... that steam roller is incredible
Wow, that's looking really good. Think for next time I'll have to make sure I'm up to speed with Blender. Yet another thing on my To-Do list.
Apparently our artist Don made that in only an hour or two. So jealous! It's hard to look at things like that and wish you could design things like it yourself. But to each his own. We all have our talents :)