Day 4 [Tee]

There is a time in every pyweek you sit down and think, "Why the heck didn't I go for a simpler game?". Well, that time is now. :)

More than half of graphics to go, including graphics I have no idea how to draw. All the enemy system to go. Half the units system to go. Balancing and sounds to go. Intro to go. Nothing playable yet. Putting aside important life stuff I had to do. Less than 3 days for the deadline. And I think I'm going insane.

I'm loving it. :)

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I'd say that's almost exactly the same as us :/

We have half of the graphics done, all the music done, and no sfx done.
The engine is probably 50% done as well, and the campaign loader is the same.

Nothing playable right now, we just have a unit that goes where you click, and a house that generates food :/

But, at least we aren't going insane - I don't think, you never can quite tell for yourself though ;)
I've had the exact same feeling for a while now - my game is incomplete and will be incomplete at the end of the week, there's no denying that. But I've had plenty of fun. :)