WARNING: Animated goodness ahead!

Download link is here : here
Even though there is no current objective it's sooo much fun to just steer the guy around.

It's starting to look like I've got a chance of winning. I've got quite a bit done but have a ways to go.

Let me know if I should keep the green steam. I still need to add enemies, a way to win, a persistent level system and some other goodies.
Also, I've had one problem I just can't solve to far. Give a list of points which a block of the class platform is supposed to move at some arbitrary speed every time platform.update() is called towards the next point on the pointlist.

Given the position of the first node(or point or whatever), the second node, the center of the block and the wanted speed what do I send to platform.moverel() ?

Moverel(x,y) is a simple function I made that moves the object right by x pixels and down by y pixels relative to it's current position.

Basically it adds the arguments to all the points.

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I think I prefer the white steam, actually.
Looks friggin mint. Keep up the good work man!