Days 2 and 3 [Tee]

I think I have the game planned out. I know graphics should be the last part, but I made some graphics yesterday and today. For someone who doesn't know how to draw, it turned out nicer than I expected it would. As for the coding, started a bit but not much.

I had said before that the idea wasn't so good, but this is starting to get interesting. I wasn't too fond of it because it is based on a specific style of game, but, then again, games are always based on another.

Anyway, I'm very impressed from what I've seen around here. There are some games I'm really eager to play finished versions of.

Oh, and I have a title, but I'm not sure it's permanent. King Tree. I'll let you guys guess what it's about, but I won't tell just yet, not until I have something fun in my hands to show. :)

Less than 4 days to go. I hope I can do this.