Twisted River Community - First Playable Revision


I've decided to go with a city-builder game in pygame.draw this time. Twisted was my least favorite theme for that. :-/

In the game, you settle a city on a twisted river (which likes to get in the way of city planning :-)). At the moment, your villagers will construct buildings, gather wood and food, eat and hang around their houses when they've nothing to do.

Eventually, I hope to have a campaign of scenarios in which you need to fulfill the wishes of a twisted god.

What I did so far:

Day 1 was mostly about implementing UI stuff and the basic map and building model.

Day 2 was villagers, AI, jobs and resources, making the town coming alive.

Today, I extended the villagers and buildings, put in construction jobs and an UI to place buildings. I also wrote a short tutorial scenario for the stuff that's in so far.

That means, this revision is kinda playable now :-)

There's still a lot missing. On the todo list are:

I have no clue how much of that I'll manage to put in...

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Pretty good start. My one complaint is that the screen size is much bigger than it ought to be. The playing field takes up hardly any space at all.
Thank you! :-)

The map will be bigger later, the current one is just there for testing. I'd like to have it bigger than the viewport eventually, but I don't have scrolling implemented yet and don't know whether I'll manage to do that in time.

Don't do scrolling first - do everything else first :)