what's the game about

i don't have much time to write too much (maybe we'll have friday-saturday to write the code) so here is the idea for our game (email format, read from the end, up):



after talking to you today, i came around with the following (surprisingly it matched your questions):

1) tough question, but i thought about it a little:
for every 'pixel' in the target picture, compare it to the color that is there. while painting, the steam will move it's 'centor of mass' to the center automatically.
yes, it will be a complicated algorithm (the whole thing) and that's why it would be fun to do it.

2) i had in mind two gameplay modes. in the first, the mouse will smear the particles (like kai power goo) or something similar. in the other, the mouse will change its direction (like worms 3d. remember?) and will shoot out air (or steam) from its end (with a miniature gun barrel).
i guess the second one might be easier to implement.

also, i want the whole game + interface will be completely without text. the rules should be self-understandable.

i have a little design in my head of how the code should be separated into several different parts, but that is not important at the moment.

anyway, good night and send me more questions about important details that are not thought-through (: like how the particle simulation will be. and the shape comparison. and stuff.


--- Cobra wrote:

> Great idea!
> but I have a few questions:
> Do you know how to compare shapes?
> How will the user move the steam around - will mouse
> gestures 'push' the steam?
> ~Cobra
> On 3/26/06, Nir Hershko
> wrote:
> > here's my idea:
> > along 100 meters, the camera goes up, following a
> > metal pipe. after about a second, it ends end
> steam is
> > released from it. then you have X seconds to move
> the
> > steam around (while it goes up) with the mouse and
> > make a pre-determined shape (say, giraffe) out of
> it.
> > the score is gives according to how close the
> shape of
> > the steam to the original shape.
> > at the end the steam is crashed into a ceiling or
> > sumtin'
> > RFC?
> >
> > nir
> >
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> >
> > > From richard@pyweek.org Sat Mar 25 16:22:12 2006
> > > Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 11:22:12 +1100
> > > From: richard@pyweek.org
> > > To: Squirtler_2001@yahoo.com
> > > Subject: PyWeek #2 has started!
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> > >
> > > The theme is "It runs on steam!"
> > >
> > >
> >


sorry for the unclearness of the text..

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well now as you all can see from the latest screen shot, there will be no pipe, but the steam will come out of bypassing trains.
the algorithm for the shape comparison is a little more clear now, and i only have to write it once i stop lazy around..
the steam won't move to the center of the screen, and instead the shape will be according to where the steam is (trying to disregard out of screen particles and so on)

as for the mouse movement.. i was staying very late (5 am) on tuesday to do it, trying how to make the movement to be very exact, but i gave up, realizing that one iteration per frame will do.

yesterday i stayed up after work until very late (me no good english) - about 7 am (today) that was chaged in the middle to 8 am! (summer clock) bastards! one less hour for pyweek!
all that time was mainly devoted to realize why i couldn't do textures (loaded before opengl was initialized). damn worst debugging case i have ever done.

anyways, thats enough ranting for now.. back to work!