Can't Sleep

I can't sleep. Why? I don't know! But what i do know is that i will not be able to finish this game with all the work load alone. not this week at least.

So what to do? Abandon my holy quest? Not me! The hours I have been laying on my bed trying to sleep has not been in vain. I come up with a new game idea. This one don't need any heavy collision detection, which was the problem with my old one.

The new game name gonna be "Twist'n Boost", a race game in a tunnel which you almost not fit into which is twisting a lot. You control the rotation of the craft and the angel between its wings/wheels. When you think you can handle it use the boost to win some time. The boost maybe will reward in some other way to in the end ver.

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Wow, you sure have guts to change the game idea during the challenge.

Anyhow, I hope you will be able to finish the game.