Twisted Life 0.5 done

I've just finished Twisted Life 0.5 and it's available for download.

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If you still need help with text display, I tried to gather some information, but it is really not much. You can see it in the response to your question.

Interesting game. :)

I got the following error, but the same thing happened in a few games on pyweek 4.
  File "/tmp/twisted_life-0.5/lib/", line 137, in update
    self.image = self.font.render(msg, 0, self.color)
pygame.error: SDL_ttf render failed
I don't remember what was the problem, but in some machines in some versions of pygame/python with some OS it doesn't like not having antialias. Changing the 0 to 1 makes it work for me. I'm on Linux (Ubuntu), Python 2.4. Does anyone remember what was the problem exactly? Maybe I need to update my python? :)


Interesting game indeed.

However, two minor caveats:

The readme.txt talks about "white life forms" you need to avoid, but the enemy is actually black. Gave me quite a scare upon the first start.

I am running the game on Windows XP SP2, Python 2.5.1, PyGame (don't know the version number, but installed just a few days ago :) ), and the text at the bottom is not cleaned up! It is constantly being overwritten without removing the old one, making it unreadable.

Thanks for the suggestions and bug fix. I've fixed the things mentioned and uploaded version 0.5.1.