Ho boy this is Twisted

First day in madness. A really weird day, slept eaten and programed as if there where no sign of night and day.

school to morrow. :(.

I have accomplished some thing at least. I can draw my polygons and create new. My collision detection is figured out but some bad programing gives recursion overflow. :(.

My game is as simple as hard. The goals are not clear at this point. But given a grooving set of convex polygons are you suppose to fill the area of a imaginary sphere, its really a warped plane swept around the sphere, by twisting and turning them around.

The area of all polygons are summed and given in energy which will be used to create new polygons and or killing badies whom are trying to destroy your polygons.

The difficulty level of the game gonna be decided by the are of the polygons, d the area of the sphere and badeis growth.