Day 1, Me 0

Well, I've spent the day trying to figure out a better idea, and nothing hit my head yet. But I just realized that it's better to have a game than no game, because with a game I can at least vote on other games. :)

So I'm sticking with my original twisted tree idea, even though it might not be what I really wanted. So I'm going to spend the rest of the day planning, and hope the time I wasted today won't affect my progress much. Maybe during planning I'll find new ideas.

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Comments for inspiration on the tree idea?
Nope. I did see that back when you first posted it and at first I thought, "hey, this is my 'twisted' idea", but then reading a bit more I saw it's quite different from what I'm thinking. His idea sounds much better than mine. :P

As usual, I'm going to keep my idea under the covers for a bit until I get something playable from it that I like.