The “I really loved it!!!!!!!!!” Award

Presented by Shyr to:

Danse Macabre (Tee-py32)
A game about putting the dancing dead where they belong. Made in one day.
Woundabout (Universe Factory 32)

Please play and rate v2 if you are using pygame 2.0+. v1 has a bug (thanks to mauve for reporting it!) that causes some game objects to not appear in pygame 2.0. Other than the bugfix the gameplay is identical between versions, so if you're on pygame 1.9 then v1 should be fine too.

Snake-like action game about eating your own tail. Control with keyboard. I recommend completing Adventure mode, it's basically a tutorial, and should take about 15 minutes. Endless mode is much harder after a few stages, and you should feel free to judge the game without trying it. Press Esc in the game for options and help, and check out the README for strategy tips. Thanks for trying it out!

How it fits the theme: This game's central mechanic is inspired by the ouroboros, a symbol representing infinity and eternity.

Plants vs. Fungi (Quikli)
A turn-based roguelite deck builder.