The “Duckiest Game Award” Award

Presented by Kronifer to:

Protect the Pond! Quack the Case! (aaaaAAAA)
Protect The Pond! Quack Some Heads! is a procedural duck pond gatekeeping simulator.

You are the worlds shootiest cop.


Bad Duckies want to enter your duck pond. Not on your watch! You will destroy those duckies! Your computer monitor informs you which duckies must be destroyed, so all you have to do is blindly follow instructions like a good cop.

If you let the Bad Duckies enter your pond, the pond is polluted by their presence. The whole world grows more and more toxic, and eventually everything dies.


  • Procedurally generated duckies! 
  • All graphics made from scratch during the jam.
  • Dynamic background music (composed during the jam) which changes based on the world's toxicity level.
  • Big red buttons!
  • Pondhouse Rules to determine who lives and who dies!
  • The entire world is your health indicator