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Asteroid Chase (Team Vegemite Pierogis)
What is this game about?

You play as Jake. He is a police officer from the Outer Ring. 

He has just arrived in the capital to repair his rusty police ship. 

His plans change when he hears about a grand theft on the police radio. 

Help him catch the thieves of the imperial crown!

Game created by Team Vegemite Pierogis!


Game Design: VV0JCIECH, mit-mit

Programming: VV0JCIECH, mit-mit

Artwork: mit-mit, VV0JCIECH

Music, voice and sfx: mit-mit (additional voice by "Em")

A few of our sound effects

and campaign map planets are courtesy of external open-licenced resources (see README for details).

Enjoy our game!

Game Soundtrack:

BUG FIX (07/04/2021): There's an issue with our "requirements.txt" on some installs of python: if you are having issues installing the dependancies for our game (i.e. with "pip install -r requirements.txt"), then you can try deleting the line "dataclasses==0.8" from requirements.txt, before running pip again: this should fix any issues! Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Click below animation to watch full walktrough on YouTube:

Asteroid Chase Gameplay