The “The best weapon design” Award

Presented by VV0JCIECH to:

Cast a Knife (Cactus Cushion)
Please play on the github version rather than the zip version, to get the proper experience.

                                 ------ Game plot -----------
 You are stranded on an island, far away from any other humans.
 While you are wandering around the small land in the middle of the ocean, you spot a dead monk laying on the ground,
 with a knife sticking in his chest.
 Strong as you are, you walk up to him and pull it out, but then huge flies start appearing all around you,
 and you have to fight them, to in the end get the trophy you deserve.
Try to beat up those bad flies and reach the trophy!
If you can...

How to play the game:
Go into the desired folder, and do:
>>>'git clone'
in your terminal/console
Make sure you have pygame installed
After that do:
>>>'cd pyWeek30 && python3'
>>>'cd pyWeek30 && python'
Your game should be running now, enjoy playing!