The “Best Landscape Faces” Award

Presented by Cosmologicon to:

Obbo's Descent (E)
"Obbo was happiest traveling through space
until one day a meteor struck obbo's face.
Luckily equipped with a fishing pole,
and with safe return a clear goal,
goes fishing for asteroids to fix up the place."

Created with Panda3D

With love by:
    sour patch bullet

Special thanks:
   The amazing panda3d community and its offtopic discord server
    lordmauve for organizing a terrific challenge
    all other pyweek participants
    Schwarzbaer for help with brainstorming.
    Sorny for helping with references.
    Alfredo Marco Pradil for making the font Jellee

You need at least Python 3.7 and the dependencies described in requirements.txt.

Disclaimer for macOS users: 
Unfortunately our custom cursor isn't displayed on macOS.
Also, if you're experiencing problems with the controls, set the "confine-mouse" variable
in the settings.prc file to "false" (The binary version for macOS already has this
variable set to "false")

watch the gameplay video!

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