The “The Vacuum Award for the cleanest Hell” Award

Presented by ddorn to:

Nothing Suspicious Here (chrisyan2000)

Nothing Suspicious Here: where a small action of yours will bring chaos to the world

Recommended volume: 30% or above

Note: it may take a few seconds to load the game, please be patient

  • You woke up in a rather empty room, with just a boring chat bot besides you
  • "What else is there to do?" you thought, and you tried talking to the box... 
  • You will need to solve three simple puzzles to result in two different endings
  • The third ending requires.. a little effort, by talking to the box
  • While the fourth, is the most boring one, only try to find that if you have a plenty of time!
  • Sorry if there's any typo, I do think there are some typos, I'm not very good at English :(

***Please try playing the game first before watching the walkthrough video!***

***also watch the video instead if the game is not working on your computer!***

There is supposed to be a fifth ending! But I didn't have time to finish that one, so I will just explain it here:

  • After you've finished all three endings(except the boring one), you will unlock a secret dialog with the box!
  • The box will talk about how you can free him by trying to crash the game, this dialog is actually included in the time travel ending, go check it out!
  • After the dialog is finished, a calculator will appear in the room, if you try to enter anything divided by 0, the game will crash(exit).
  • If you re-open the game, the game opens in a command line format. If you type "free chatbox" in the command line, the game restarts with the chat box gone.
  • This is more like an easter egg, but I didn't have enough time left to work on that. I will try to add an easter egg in the next pyweek project!

The README.txt is also included in each zip file

  1. Requires pygame 1.9.4 or above if you are using source version, the source code is compatible with both python2 and python3, python3 is recommended. Do "pip install pygame" to install this module.
  2. Run "" if you are using source version, run "main.exe" if you are using executable version. 
  3. You can use [K] to inspect an item or exit a GUI, [R] to restart a game, [ESC] to exit the game, [WASD] to move, you can use your cursor when inside a GUI. 
  4. There are four endings in the game, and three puzzles to solve, always talk to the chat box when you are stuck! 
  5. Please check the "copyrights.txt" in "texture" and "audio" folder for the copyright info about the textures or musics.