The “The Rosetta Stone award for teaching languages using masonry” Award

Presented by rdb to:

Babel (Meaningful Flailings)
In Babel, you must build the Tower of Babel by placing coloured bricks next to other coloured bricks. However, the instructions regarding the desired location of each block are given in several languages, which makes the game substantially more difficult.

  • Se incluyen diez idiomas diferentes. (Ten different languages are included.)
  • Le jeu a six couleurs de brique passionnantes. (The game has six exciting colours of block.)
  • Os tijolos caem bem e fazem um baque. (The bricks fall nicely and make a thud.)
  • Когда вы проигрываете, ваша башня падает. (When you lose, your tower falls down.)
  • C'è musica. (There is music.)
  • तीन कठिनाई स्तर हैं। (There are three difficult levels.)
  • 不需要键盘。(No keyboard is required.)
  • Wenn Sie versuchen, zu schnell zu spielen, werden Sie vergessen, wie links und rechts herum sind. (If you try to play too fast, you will forget which way round left and right are.)
  • গেমটিতে এমন অনেকগুলি ভাষা রয়েছে যে আমি তাদের সবার জন্য অর্থবোধক বৈশিষ্ট্যটি ভাবতে পারি না। (The game has so many languages that I was unable to think of a meaningful feature for all of them.)