The “Pretty Pix” Award

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𝐻𝑒𝑥𝑖𝑚𝑎 (hexima)
A puzzle game set in the clouds involving a six-sided die. Inspired by the Cuboid game.

There are precompiled builds available for Windows, Linux and macOS that include the dependencies.

The game can be controlled using the arrow, enter and escape keys alone. The mouse can additionally be used to rotate the camera, and R resets the level.

The gameplay should be fairly straightforward; navigate the die to the green tile to advance to the next level. Certain tiles are marked with a die symbol; you can only land on them if your bottom face has the matching number. If you get stuck, press escape to go to the menu, and select "reset level" or "skip level", or go to the main menu and choose "select level".

If you complete a level within a certain preset number of moves, you can "star" the level, as indicated on the level select screen. Whether you have exceeded the number of moves to star a level is indicated by the star icon in the top right turning from solid to outlined.

It is also possible to use a game controller with a directional pad. The thumbsticks are ignored at this time.

Running from source requires Python 3. The only dependency is Panda3D, which can be obtained with "pip install -U panda3d" or simply by running this in the source directory:
pip install -r requirements.txt
To run the game, type the following command:

If you can't get the game to work, please let me know! There may be an easy fix.

If the game doesn't work well in "sublime" mode, try other quality settings (this requires restarting the game).

If you get stuck on a level, you can hit Escape (or start on a gamepad) and use "skip level". You can cheat an otherwise invalid move by holding the "Pause Break" key while pressing the arrow key.

On macOS, you may get an error after clicking about me being an untrusted developer. Go to System Preferences, Security, and click "Open anyway".

If you run into any trouble, send me the command-line output to help me diagnose. In the binary builds, the output is saved to the following log files:
Windows: C:\Users\You\AppData\Local\hexima\output.log
Linux: /home/you/.share/local/hexima/output.log
macOS: /Users/You/Documents/hexima/output.log

What The Frog?! (The Dan Show)

A game of frogs and flies.

QWE/ASD are your six jump directions - but you can use each one only once! You can jump at any time - on the ground, air or water.

  • In easy mode, hold a key to enter slow mo, jump when the key is released.
  • In normal mode, jump instantly.
Collect all the flies and fish on each level. Butterflies and goldfish replenish all your jumps.

Downward jumps will pretty much do nothing if you're standing on a flat surface, but will be useful in the air or water. They're also a bit faster than the upward jumps.

Don't worry about timing your jumps based on where the flies are. Just worry about timing your jumps. Your tongue will catch them if you get close enough.