The “The Xzibit Award for bombing bombs with more bombs” Award

Presented by wezu to:

Dynamite Valley (The Larry And Dan Show)

It's fall, and that means it's blasting season!

The beavers here in Dynamite Valley Park have been working overtime, making dams! If I've told you once, Ranger Jim, I've told you a thousand times-- now get out there and blast those consarned dams!

Guide Ranger Jim around a series of levels infested with beaver dams damming up the waters of Dynamite Valley Park.

Requires Python 3.6 or newer, current Pyglet, and current PyGame.  If you've got those, just unzip and run

  % python

Check the for detailed gameplay instructions and everything else.

Oops, forgot one thing: Remote-control bombs are triggered with the T key.  Those are the bombs with the red ring near the fuse.  They're only on a couple of levels!

p.s. we recommend the tutorial!