The “The evaporating Experiment” Award

Presented by gizmo_thunder to:

Evaporating Kenneth (Evaporating Kenneth)
A platformer where you are a drop of water. The more you move, the more you lose water and health.


Instruction for the judges
It's just python3 and pygame
just run: "python3"
Select "level01"
(there is also "allcutscene" if you want to see all the cutscenes to have the story, but this is not intended in the "real" game, it's just to help the judges)
If you get stuck in a level, you can easily skip it by editing the "save.cfg" file, and modifying the "lastlevel" line (the order is cutsceneX, levelX, cutsceneX+1, levelX+1, ...)
I did not had that much time to fine-tune the levels. I think level09 is a bit tricky (but technically possible).

Fix for slowness
(a bit late, just in case you are still interested)
in line 239 of game/
remove (or comment):
        for l in dirty:
        if redraw: