The “The Power Factory” Award

Presented by gizmo_thunder to:

Let There Be Light (rdb's unimaginatively named entry)
You are in charge of building power lines and sustaining an energy grid to supply cities with energy.  As they receive energy, they grow, and so do their energy demands.  Will you be able to keep up with the growing power use and prevent a catastrophic breakdown of the energy grid?

This is the preferred route.  I recommend Python 3.  I recommend installing the dependencies (Panda3D 1.10 and numpy) via pip, using the command:
pip install -r requirements.txt

Then, just call this to run the game:

If getting Python 3 is inconvenient, you can download binary builds for all major platforms.  Just run the run_game executable.  On macOS, just double-click the .app file; if you get an error about me being an "unidentified developer", go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy, click the lock, and click Open Anyway.

If the game doesn't work, please send me the log file.  You can find it in:
Windows: C:\Users\You\AppData\Local\Let There Be Light\output.log
Linux: /home/you/.share/local/let-there-be-light.log
macOS: /Users/You/Documents/let-there-be-light.log

If you can't run it, please send me the command-line output (or, if you ran the binary build, the log file in the aforementioned location).  You can also always message me as `rdb` on the FreeNode IRC network.

The game appears quite dark on macOS, but it runs for me.  Unfortunately, due to Apple's recent course on deprecating open graphics standards like OpenGL, all bets are off on whether it will work on your machine as well.