The “Professionally Adorable” Award

Presented by Noelle to:

Six Moves (Six Moves)
A game where you have to complete levels in only six moves.

Sounds easy? Well, all of the ways you may think of going about it may sound easy, but when it comes down to the right way, you'll be having a tough time trying to find it...

Also, the game does have music, you just have to turn it on first. You can turn it on in-game or from the Settings Menu.

Note: The Source Code was built in Python 2, though it should be able to work in Python 3.
Snow Hill (Allefant)
Make 7 mighty wizards flow down a hill of snow on their yellow-elephants-on-rafts - by dragging them around with the mouse.

In theory clicking on / run.command / run.bat should run it under Linux / OSX / Windows - courtesy of pyinstaller. If pyinstaller does not work and you want to run it with your own Python3 things are a bit more tricky. The file to run is src/, and it will look for data in "../data" and for native libraries in the current directory.

Oh, and since I forgot to mention where any of the non-source-code files are from in the readme: Most of the meshes I made with a small tool to place 3D spheres (and boxes/cylinders/cones). The height maps are done with another small tool to create a perlin noise. Most of the sounds are from and the two music tracks are created with LMMS (using midis for the tunes). Finally, (with its official python wrapper) is used as engine.