The “The Sigmund Freud Award for Most Psychological Game” Award

Presented by ntoll to:

Six! (Apex)
What is "Six!"?

It's a game about challenging your mind and having fun

Entertaining yet straightforward, innovating and original; this was the goal I had in mind when I first started this project. This state of the art computer game provides a modern look on our world, with simple color schemes as well as an excellent choice of contemporary melodies. We all strive for utopia, in this case being the single integer of "six". However, this is not easily acquired. Make one mistake, and you'll have to start over. The journey will be challenging and full of obstacles. Whether to type the word "six" or "6" is completely up to you. Whether to type "six" or "6" six times or 6 times, is also completely up to you. This series of puzzles will never fail to constantly boggle your brain.

Just Flow (Initiation)

This game used: pygame1.9, python2.7, and noisepy

For windows x64 users, run JustFlow.exe

For other windows users, run w9xpopen.exe

For Max and  Linux users, install python 2.7.10, pygame 1.9.4 and noise

Install noise here or use "pip install noise"

The game length for each ending is approximately 5 minutes.

You are more than encouraged to stay in each scene and enjoy Eiro Nareth's guitar fingerstyle!

This a game which has no goal at the beginning... But there is!

You were put into a test of "flowing", with different choices you've made there are different endings.

It is worth noting that each test case is carefully chosen,

The details are crucial to understand the meaning of this game

Examples of important details:

  •       Difference between ending 2 and 3
  •       The achievements
  •       Design of the character and instructions
  •       Background music is relevant!
  •       The "Special Clock" object

      ... ...

The Bonus ending serves as an Easter Egg, it isn't related to the overall story line.

Here are the walkthroughs for all four endings:

  • Ending 1 walkthrough:

             Ending 1

  • Ending 2 walkthrough:

             Ending 2

  • Ending 3 walkthrough:

             Ending 3

  • Bonus Ending walkthrough:

             Bonus Ending

There are a total of 19 achievements in this game

It is impossible to get all 19 of them in a single run

You can check out those achievements in the textures folder!

Inside the libs folder you can see a bunch of python files responsible for those special effects...

Feel free to use those special effect python files!(Just don't forget to mention the origin <3)