The “iimpressieve art” Award

Presented by speedlimit35 to:

Guardian of The Tree (DaFluffyPotato)
You are a spirit who takes care of a tree that feeds humans.

This game is really easy and is 5 minutes long. It's meant to be enjoyed for it's aesthetic.

I made everything used in this game(code, art, SFX, music, etc.) completely by myself. :D

Download (Source and Executable)


Two Worlds - A Game About The Game Called Two Worlds (Two Wolds Project)
A short game.
Crossing the river (Short Name)
For a long time land of orcs and land of goblins was divided by magma river.

Your king are collecting armies and going to conquer a rich neighbour.

He needs a reliable way to quickly cross the flow with all his hordes.

Help him to start a war! Or do something else.