The “two-handed combat” Award

Presented by yarolig to:

Bitetris (xmzhang)

Bitetris,means bi-tetris, player plays two tetris at the same time. As in a Louis Cha novel, Zhou Botong created his unique skill "Left and Right Inter-fighting". I think my game style is this, maybe a little hard, but just for fun. Don't worry, be happy :)

The game is written in kivy, I already package it for android, you can just install the .apk file(githublink). Or if you are on Windows, there is another choice, you can download the .zip file(githublink). Of course you can try the source code(githublink), be sure to follow the installation guide on kivy's official site :) All the versions I have already uploaded here is the same of the github link I mentioned :)


On windows, wsad & ↑↓←→ for control the left & right screen operation

On android, swipe up,down,left,right in left & right screen to control

ps. About the password in title screen. hint is already there :) The game has no sound, sorry about that,  and no animation effect, I am quite lazy in fact :)