The “thought this was a good game for my kids ... now they have nightmares” Award

Presented by mit-mit to:

Shuttle (chrisyan2000)

First thing first:

-there are citations for the music and some of the background images

-and everything else is drawn with by myself

-a cute creature, namingly Tushlet, will give you a lore of each mini game, explaining how beating the five mini games will make him free 

-after beating all mini games, Tushlet is released and starts breaking your games, you have to re-seal him by playing each mini game again, but this time with ultra difficulty and a combination of RPG elements. 

-after five mini games are broken, Tushlet will be re-sealed and your save file will be sealed with him, a riddle will lead you to a *secret place*. By following a scavenger hunt like *secret* hints, you will have to change files and folders in your game directory to unlock the other five mini games 

-and this is the end of part 1, because, as I've been saying, making 10 mini games with two different levels is way too overwhelming for me in a week. 

-in part 2, you will reveal background stories of Tushlet, of course, you can find Easter eggs in the first 5 mini-games which can be related to his background story. 

-the end would an open end, the game would close itself and your save file will be modified a little for some other *secret* stuffs.  And now, three of the five games are finished, only two to go!  The "two worlds" theme can be discovered everywhere in the design of the game, normal - glitched world, game - disk world, real - surreal world, intelligence - strength world(the first 5 games are about intelligence, meaning that none to little cursor clicks, the last 5 games requires a lot of clicking and controlling skills). Throughout out the dialogs, Tushlet will also keep reminding you of how this games world is different form your reality, but related to the reality(TOK right here >:D).