The “Sponsored by the Netflix Space Exploration Program” Award

Presented by mit-mit to:

Bing the robot (cauch)
Being a planetary exploratory rover is not easy. After a while, some stuffs break down. As, for example, the brake and the direction gear of Bing, the courageous robot you control.
Just give him the correct direction, and it will run in straight line until it bumps against an obstacle.
Be smart, use cleverly the obstacles, and help Bing get out of all the levels, without getting stuck or even worse.

Tips for the judges:
The main game mode ("play") has 18 levels, divided in 3 chapters, with 4 cut scenes (before each chapters + last one).
If you don't want to play all the levels, you can go to "profile" and change your profile for one of the already existing ones.
showcutscene: after selecting this profile and clicking "play", you will see all the cutscenes in a row.
skiptochapter2 and skiptochapter3: you will start at the first level of the chapter 2 or 3.
skiptolastlevel: you will start at the last level (level 6 of chapter 3).
Each of those profile also allow you to do practice play ("practice" in the menu).