The “Threw My Controller” Award

Presented by assertivist to:

Wing Craft (xmzhang)
"The Lesser of Two Evils", well, two choice, I prefer cricket (high damage low speed) to locust (high speed low damage), also I prefer beam weapon (high weapon damage low moving speed) to wide weapon (high moving speed low weapon damage), and you? ^v^

ESC for Quit

{ 1P: 5 for coin, 1 for start, WSAD for directions, JK for button A B,

  2P: 6 for coin, 2 for start, arrow key for directions, num 1,2 for button A B}

And also in title page, press Tab key to set you own buttons

Hope you enjoy it, any comment and suggestions are welcomed! ^ v ^

Shadow World (Shadow World)
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