The “Wounded in the service of PyWeek” Award

Presented by cyhawk to:

Biocode (JDShu)
Make customized mutants and send them to kill your opponent. Readme for how to play.
Deathrays with friends (Deathrays with friends)

Turns out all the evil villans at Dr Doom's School of evil villans arnt actually all that villanous.

Their major reserch project is to compleate a battle over a small patch of land with their classmates, Unfortuntely no one quite knows where to start

Thats where you come in, The students being lazy students have devised a method to crowdsource their battle plans from the internet.

- Python
- wxPython
- Pyro4

I am quite sure there are about a million bugs in my game, the ones i can think of off the top of my head - Some stuff can be a bit screwy when a game ends - All atacks damage the same amount of area - Cool buildings like sheilds and stealth were not implimented - Charge will only propagate on the next turn - Spelling mistakes, there are bound to be lots of them - There isnt much to stop people cheating, so play nice

Pretty much click on the buildings along the top and then on the lefthand grid to build them, you can hover over an item to see some stuff about it

To attack an enemy building, select a building and then click and drag from it onto the grid on the right

To power a building click and drag from an arc reactor onto a building on the left grid

Once everything is set up hit end turn