The “Deserves a Cheers!” Award

Presented by phoe6 to:

Squares city (Petras Zdanavińćius)
Throw squares to destroy evil circles. Requires: pyglet, cocos2d
Temporal Stability Breach (PixelJunkies)
WARNING! WARNING! This entry is unfinished: it works, and is amusing for 30 seconds (esp. the fabulous voiceover track) but all you can do is drive around. Your tank accidentally fell into a time-machine. Ooopsie! Emerging bleary-eyed from the resulting timestorm, you seem to have emerged in a jungle, amongst stone ruins. Searching for a route back to civilisation, you find that the heavy mayan stone doors respond to pressure plates in the floor[1]. Surely there is some way to trigger the pressure plate so that you can get through? Your thoughts are distracted by a sound from the timestorm behind you... [1] not yet implemented.