The “Very Loosely Based on a True Story” Award

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Pluto the 9th Planet (Forked Tail)

"we lost the lion"

This is the first game of Forked Tail team.
Game talks about Pluto, that has been considered the Solar System's ninth planet from its discovery (1930) until 2006, when it has been downgrade to "dwarf planet".
Pluto is not agree with this decision, and he challanges other planets within Solar System to show he is worthy of being a real planet. The challanges are based on planets main quality (speed of Mercury, charm of Venus, greenery of Earth, etc..).

Original project included a final level challanging the Sun, but unfortunately we didn't have time to complete it.
Enjoy the game!

Note: an unexpected supporter is secretly pulling for Pluto's crusade. Did you find it? It is very close to us...