The “"But where are the ducks?" Award” Award

Presented by gcewing to:

Nine Disasters (Scav and Threads)
An evil cult seeks to summon the nine disasters and resurrect their dark god to destroy the world. Nine generations of your family must thwart each summoning at a terrible cost to themselves. Unfortunately only three of the disasters are featured in-game due to time constraints and bad planning.
Lantern Defender (The Trobadour Incident)
It's an action tower defense game with a spider and moths!

You are a spider, sitting in a net around a lantern. There are moths approaching for the lantern and you have to stop them. Otherwise the lantern would become darker with each moth hitting it. So stun the moths by shooting them, run to them and catch them. You earn XP with each catched moth and spendyour XP in a shop to upgrade your spider.