The “Recursion Depth Limits Transcension Award” Award

Presented by djfroofy_c_ to:

Yo Yo Brawlah! (Canaraberican)

Scrolling brawler game in the spirit of the old arcade games like Double Dragon and Bad Dudes. Requires pyglet and avbin.

Known Issues:

Yo-yo won't shoot (you just see little white circles
emanating from the center of your dude)
  Solution: restart game

Low framerate
  Solution: this game plays at 60fps on my macbook, but only around 30fps on
patrick's powerbook.  We think it is due to more features being enabled in 
the powerbook.  Our best workaround is to edit the code in visualeffects and 
soundeffects and just remove all the AddListener lines.

Exception when running with Python2.4
  Solution: comment out the "finally:" line in and dedent one level
the following line, wich reads "fp.close()"