The “Exotic Library” Award

Presented by nitrofurano to:

Squares city (Petras Zdanavińćius)
Throw squares to destroy evil circles. Requires: pyglet, cocos2d
Geiger Feather Challenge, incomplete game (Walmart)
After being contacted by WAL-MART, Inc.'s lawyers, we are hopeless in getting funding for a new chicken roasting division and were almost sold to their idea of a transplant software for balding roosters. Stay tuned for further court action.
A Murder of Crows (A Murder Of Crows)
Crows are treacherous creatures...
Flight of Icarus (PyWorld)
In a prequel to the well-known myth, you must help Icarus escape the caves of Idaion, before he begins his ill-fated journey into the skies.
Sinister Ducks (Broken Spell)
Imagine a simplified version of the arcade classic 'Joust', but with more quacking.

Do not download from this page! The very latest version, with bugfixes, improved gameplay, and a hassle-free 'download and double-click' stand-alone Windows binary, lives at Sinister Ducks on GitHub.