The “Can hear the lambdas talking” Award

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If you don't mind, we'd like to rock Pyweek #8.
Cat vs Mice (GNAG's Not A Game)

Cat vs Mice

A cat must defend his domain against waves of invading mice! Catch the mice before they reach the garden shed.

My first entry into pyweek ... looking forward to it. :)
RCr: Larry's Lawn (Team HULK)
An ubercool micro racing game.
My first entry since PyWeek #2. I like to roll with every other power of two. Unfortunately that means this will be my last PyWeek for a while.
Happy Insect Garden (Super Effective 8)

Happy Insect Garden: Use good-hearted insects to defend your garden from their evil brethren.

dont know (aiamsori)
Objective: protect your family from the zombies for as long as you can. Controls
  • W -> move forward
  • A -> move back
  • SPACE -> attack
  • Mouse motion -> orientate your character
  • Mouse Click -> select a relative and designate his/her location

You can fight the zombies with your bare hands but when doing so you will receive damage from their attacks so it's best to use the shotgun which will spawn somewhere in the house at the begining of the game for you to pick up.

Life and ammo

From time to time medkits and food will spawn in the house as well as ammo for your shotgun. You can send a member of your family to pick up life if they are damaged or you can pick them yourself. If you send a relative to pick ammo, you will need to touch him/her in order to get it.


You can move your family by clicking on them and setting a destination, you will find that some areas are strategically better than others. Keep in mind that they will panic if you move too far from them.

It's a good idea to try to pick up as much ammo as you can all the time... you will need it!

The game ends if you die or if all the members of your family die.

That's it folks. Enjoy and let us know how much time you lasted!