The “First game on the list unless someone names theirs with a 7 award” Award

Presented by saluk to:

BubbMan 2 (8ball)
BubbMan 2
Featuring Adventure Island type gameplay with a little Sonic the Hedgehog thrown in, BubbMan 2 is the second entry in the series.

After his adventures in the Dododu Mountains, BubbMan decided he needed a vacation. Having a sharp craving for linguine, he jumped in his plane and set off for Solini Plaza. Unfortunately, his engine died while flying over the Snoofly Hills. After barely managing to bail out, his plane crashed in the middle of a large green patch of lawn. Sprawled on the grass, he looks up - and sees a giant lawn mower. Looking up a little more, he sees an old man's beard. Still more, and he sees the old man's face. (Later BubbMan recalled what a pretty shade of purple it was!) Suddenly, the engine reved up, and BubbMan started running for dear life - the old man in the lawn mower was chasing him, and screaming something about getting off his lawn, azaleas, and hot rod airplanes. Can BubbMan keep up his energy and make his escape?

You can throw rocks! X key! :)