The “CURSE YOU YETI!!!!!” Award

Presented by Pykemon010 to:

Tube (ProJammers)

You are riding down a snowy mountain on a giant inflatable TUBE. Watch out for Yetis, wild birds while out-running a massive avalanche behind you!

Requires: pyxel


  • Steer left/right: Arrow Keys or A/D or D-Pad
  • Increase/Decrease Speed: Arrow Keys or S/W or D-Pad
  • Throw Snowballs: SPACE


  • Game Design: inkontoasty, FlowGLOW, mit-mit, TZone
  • Programming: inkontoasty, FlowGLOW, mit-mit
  • Art: blob_killers
  • Music/Sound: mit-mit

All game asset created during the Jam. Made in pyxel (