The “The "Thumbs up" award for overt use of optimistic hand gestures in a screen shot.” Award

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Dark Matter Mage (JIM GANG)
Dive into a roguelike top down shooter where you fight your way through rooms full of enemies.

Can you make it through all 9 rooms to the boss and maybe even defeat him?

Current Record run: 1:50 (I will keep this updated!)

Full Run of the Dungeon:

WASD to walk

LMB to shoot 

RMB to dash (Dash passes through bullets without taking damage)

Q for the black hole ability

Quick start

Install using

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run using:


Note: You might need to specify `python3` instead. This game was developed and tested with python 3.10. 

python build_apps


  • Panda3D