The “Gotta catch them all” Award

Presented by Jeb to:

Red Planted (Red Planters)

Installation instructions:

  • Download the macOS app or Windows exe and run directly (all dependencies are bundled)
  • Alternatively (Linux, macOS, Windows), download the "Cross-platform Python script package" and make sure you have Python >= 3.8, PyGame and PyOpenGL installed via: "python3 -m pip install PyGame PyOpenGL" (on macOS) or "py -m pip install PyGame PyOpenGL" (on Windows) or "sudo apt install python3 python3-pygame python3-opengl" (on Debian/Ubuntu)

Running instructions:

  • For macOS app and Windows exe, just download, unpack, run
  • For the script package, download, unpack, then run "python3" (on macOS and Linux) or "py" (on Windows)


  • Left mouse button -- click on things (see in-game instructions and tutorial)
  • Scroll wheel / touchpad -- navigate around the red planet

Support / troubleshooting:

  • Reach out to "thp" on the Python Discord (#pyweek-game-jam channel) during the judging period for installation support and troubleshooting


You are the gardener of The Red Planet, the best source for homeplanet-grown space tomatoes!

Your life is nice, you harvest space tomatoes all day and cut back plants to make sure new plants can sprout and flourish.


The devilish space flies are on the case again, and would just LOVE to steal your space tomatoes that you worked so hard to nourish and grow. So you better use your trusty fly swatter to get rid of them.

In summary, you have to:

  1. Harvest space tomatoes (click on them)
  2. Cut back old plants to let new tomatoes grow (click on the plant roots)
  3. Swat away any flies when they enter the red planet's orbit (click on them)
  4. Make sure you keep the whole planet in view (mouse wheel / touchpad scroll)

So yeah, scrolling and clicking, scrolling and clicking. Good luck, commander! Erm.. gardener. Space gardener? Good luck, in any case!