The “Sleepy Solder” Award

Presented by Jeb to:

Project Aries (CaffeinatedTypists)

Project: Aries 


You are a space ranger sent to Planet 8134-F to scope the planet for suitable locations for your civilization to exist. Unfortunately, a group of interstellar ravagers have tracked you down and are plotting to steal your resources for themselves.

Put an end to your adversaries as you find your way through the hostile lands of what's about to be your new home. The challenge will only get more difficult as time ticks.

How to run the game locally?

  • Clone the repository
  • CD Over to the directory
  • Install poetry using pip install poetry
  • Install dependencies using poetry install
  • Run the game using python
Known Bugs

  • Game doesn't work on Linux since Windows was used for the development of the project
  • You can try to run using python Project-Aries if you get a FileNotFoundError
  • If you get ModuleNotFoundError, you can either manually install arcade, or rename to inside the Project-Aries folder, and run it directly from there (fix suggested by Ian O#1140)

Game Mechanics and Controls

You have to dodge all the enemies and cactus elements on the ground, while also trying to shoot the aerial enemies to survive for as long as possible. The speed of the game will increase as you survive for longer

  • SPACE/UP Arrow to Jump
  • Q to shoot

Attribution for the resources

  • Kenney ( for most of the resources
  • Bevouliin Gaming (for the crawler)
  • Robert Brooks(for the protagonist)
  • for the background and ground