The “Precious Diamonds” Award

Presented by MrTanoshii to:

Dr. Farb's Huepocalypse (Team Maullar)

Dr. Hugh Farb, you've *really* done it this time!

Your wavelength dimensional convolver has overloaded... breaking color itself! All the color is starting to drain out of the world, starting with the lower frequencies.  I never thought I'd have a use for this word, but it's... a huepocalypse!

If you don't fix it soon, the entire planet will turn red!  We think all color might drain out of the entire solar system--not that we'd notice, as we'll all be dead by then.

You're going to have to put on that silly silver color stabilization suit and run out and fix everything! Good thing you're such a gym rat--all that cardio and parkour is going to come in handy!

Dr. Farb's Huepocalypse was written by Larry Hastings and Dan Pope in September 2022 for the PyWeek 34 game programming contest.

How To Play

Huepocalypse is written in Python 3. We used Python 3.10 during development, so we'll assume you're using that version.  (Though it's possible other versions work fine.)

  • Use Python to create a virtual environment called venv. On Mac/Linux, use python3.10 -m venv venv to create it. On Windows, use py -3 -m venv venv to create it.
  • Activate the venv: source venv/bin/activate on Mac/Linux and venv/Scripts/activate.bat on Windows.
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt in that virtualenv/venv to install the dependencies.

Run to play! Run python on Mac/Linux, and py -3 on Windows.

If you exit this venv, or attempt to run the game from a different shell, you'll need to "activate" the venv again in that instance of the shell.  If you forget to activate, the game will complain with a

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'wasabigeom'



Huepocalypse is a platformer game. You control a scientist named Dr. Hugh Farb.

Your goal is to finish every level. Every goal has some objectives:

  • You must collect all the floating gems. Just touch the floating gem to collect it! Some levels may not have any floating gems.
  • * You must kill all the monsters. You must shoot a monster to kill it. Be careful, monsters will kill you! Some levels may not have any monsters.

Once you've collected all the floating gems and killed all the monsters, you're ready for departure--but you have to get to the departure point. This is a little door that opens when it's ready to send you to the next level.

You have infinite lives. So, you've got that going for you.

Platform mechanics

Movement features of your character:

  • Run! In two deluxe directions--left and right!
  • Not merely a single jump, not for you! You get a double jump!
  • Wall slide and wall jump! Jumping from a wall slide restores your second jump.
  • Coyote time! If you jump immediately after falling off a ledge, or pushing away from a wall, you'll be rewarded with getting your double jump back. But be quick--it's a very short window!
  • And new for 2022: coyote time warp speed! If you're holding left or right when you execute a jump during "coyote time", you'll immediately warp to full speed in that direction!


Color plays a big role in the Huepocalypse. There are six colors:

  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • purple

Each of them can be toggled on and off in various ways.  And when a color is turned off, all the platforms and walls of that color disappear! They only come back when you turn that color back on.

(Gray platforms are super safe--they never disappear on you.)

But it gets more complicated! When you turn on or off one of the three *secondary* colors, it also affects the two related *primary* colors:

  • orange also affects red and yellow
  • green also affects yellow and blue
  • purple also affects blue and red

When you turn off orange, you turn off red, orange, and yellow!  And when you turn orange back on, you turn red, orange, and yellow all back on at once!

(Though it doesn't go the other way--toggling red doesn't affect orange or purple.)

Oh, I almost forgot! There's one more wrinkle. The blue and purple colors are even more unstable than the rest. I'm afraid that you can only turn them off for short bursts. Then they pop back on all by themselves!


You'll see the following sorts of objects and terrain in levels:

  • Platforms! They're all over the place. Not sure how they stay up like that.
  • Pass-through platforms! These platforms are thinner than normal and a little see-through.  You can jump up through them from below! Maybe it's old fashioned--I think this was first popularized nearly forty years ago--but sometimes the old ways are the best ways.
  • Color switches! These are little colored pedestals that can  turn a color on or off. You activate a color switch by touching it--or shooting it!
  • Colored platforms! These are platforms that disappear when you turn a color off--and reappear when you turn the color back on again. But you better be careful--if you're inside a colored platform when it reappears, you'll die!
  • Checkpoints! These little mushroom guys save your current your current location. If you die--egad!--you'll reappear at a checkpoint. Checkpoints look like mushrooms--I'm not sure why, that's how they came from the cfactory. The shiny red pressed-in red one is your current checkpoint, and all the other ones are more brown and tall and skinny. Checkpoints also remember the current state of all the color switches, so be sure to touch one pretty often!
  • Jump restorers! Touch one of these green diamonds while in the air, and you'll get *both* your jumps back! Did someone say octuple-jump? I swear I heard someone say octuple-jump.
  • Springboards! Just touch one of these little plungers, and you'll go shooting up into the air like a firework! Luckily for you, you don't also do the explody bit at the end. Or, at least, I don't think so.
  • Signposts! Just walk by one of these signs to read it. It won't even slow you down! But maybe you should read it anyway. It just might have something interesting to say!

And there are even sometimes things for you to pick up, like:

  • Gems! These floaty blue things have something to do with fixing the color problem. I'm really not sure--all I know is, you have to pick up all of them before you can leave the level. Just run up and touch one to collect it! You might need to jump a little.
  • Color actuators! These look like colored tubes. They give you the ability to toggle a color whenever you want! Only lasts through the end of the level.
  • A shiny new Whitegun! This is a gun that shoots the color white. Use it to whitewash Monsters out of existence. You can also shoot color switches! Pity you can't take it with you when you exit a level.

But it's not all good news. You'll also see:

  • Monsters! Little brown frowning circles--with red eyes! You have to kill all of them before you can leave--and the only way is by shooting them. But be careful, if you touch one it'll kill you!
  • Spikes! If you fall on them you die! Well, there's one exception: if you jump up through spikes from below, you'll pass through them safely!

Oh, I almost forgot! And we've saved the best for last. One last bit of terrain:

  • Every level has one gen-u-ine patented departure point! Once you've killed all the monsters and picked up all the gems, the departure point will become active! Just enter the little door to be whisked away, off to your next adventure.


Platforming controls:

  • A or Left arrow to run left.
  • D or Right arrow to run right.
  • Space to jump.
  • Enter to shoot.

Number keys toggle a color, if you've picked up the correct color actuator:

  • 1 to toggle red.
  • 2 to toggle orange.
  • 3 to toggle yellow.
  • 4 to toggle green.
  • 5 to toggle blue.
  • 6 to toggle purple.

And you can use Ctrl-Q to quit at any time.

Secret Command-Line Flags

If you want to skip the tutorial and just play the challenge levels, run the game with the -c or --challenge flags:

python -c

And if you want to jump to a particular level, just specify the unique part of the level's filename. All the level files are


So, to jump straight to "Go Hunting", you'd run

    % python3 go_hunting

Have fun!  Now go save the world already!