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Weed seeds are essential to the growth of weed plants. They help in the plant’s survival and development.

Weed seeds are also known as “female” seeds because they are not capable of germination on their own. They require a male seed to fertilize them and grow into a plant. The male seed is typically called the pollen or pollination agent.

These weed seeds can be used in many ways:

- To start a new plant from the weeds

- To grow weed plants for medicinal purposes

- To propagate marijuana plants

Weed seeds are a type of plant that is used as a natural weed killer.

Weed seeds are a great way to start gardening with minimal effort. They can be purchased online and they are easy to plant in the ground.

When you have a garden, it is important to have a variety of weed seeds so that you can experiment and find what works best for your garden. You should also make sure that you buy weed seeds from trusted sellers so that they don't have any harmful chemicals or pesticides on them.

Many people choose to grow their own weed seeds because it is cheaper than buying them from seed banks or stores. They also want to know what kind of genetics they are getting because most seed banks use hybridization instead of natural selection when creating new strains of cannabis plants.


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