Second Date and Beyond Recommendations

Need Date Ideas?

Whether you have a generous wallet or have been hit by the economic crisis, you can date! Stay within your means and think outside the box. Try something new and spice it up.

Second Date Ideas

You know me, these recommendations are NOT for your first date. Check out my First Date Tips article for that one!

Second dates and beyond should include fun, laughter, and a bit of light competition occasionally! Do things neither one of you have tried. Life is short; enjoy the heck out of it.

If you are unsure of if your date will like the idea, give her two or three options to choose from and run with the idea. 

Here are just a few date options:


Picnic in the Park


Free Dance Lessons

Local Landmarks


Date at the Zoo

Play Laser Tag

Rollercoasters! (Play and have fun!!!)

Pinball Championship

Go for a hike

Driving Range for a little Chip-off (or you can use the putting range for free!)

Concerts are always fun! (Many restaurants have tribute bands as well as local artist that play for free look in the paper for fun free events)

Cook Together (Making a meal can be fun and inexpensive you have to eat anyway)

Roller-skating or Ice-skating

Volunteer work can be a nice experience


Cloud watching (just takes a blanket and an imagination)

Mini Golf


Play or Teach a Game of Pool

Casino (Take a Craps lesson)

Find a Rooftop (bring a bottle of wine or better yet a picnic)

Cater a Meal somewhere special

Limo Ride

Fly a Kite

Find a Play

Have a Shaving Cream or Water Balloon FIight

Make Ice-cream

Take an Art Class

Fortune Teller

Take a Scenic Drive

Poetry Reading

Go to a Dog Park

Bet on the Horse Races

Comedy Clubs are fun way to get the laughter going

Take a Hobby Class

Stargaze (Check out Stargazing Tips or online for good times and to know what is happening)

Check out a local High School Football Game (bring a blanket and thermos)

What is Matchmaking

For centuries many cultures have utilized matchmakers to arrange marriages. In today’s world the art of matchmaking is about creating the right relationship for the pair. Some matchmakers use a personality profile or psychometrics most use gut instincts in conjunction. Matchmakers are selective. We don’t take every client that comes to us. We interview everyone that comes to us and if someone isn’t truly ready for a relationship, they are politely asked to come back at a time when they are ready. 

Matchmakers find out your likes and dislikes as well as those of your potential mates. Plus they discern the type of relationship you seek. So if you are interested in marriage they will pair you with someone that has that particular mindset. 

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself – Start Dating 

Don’t feel sorry for yourself one more year! Start dating. Online dating is a much more risky and frustrating endeavor.  

The Complaints by Two of Us Clients 

One client had been single for nine years. “Nine long years,” she complained. Kelsey was a beautiful woman who made more than $100k and was now in her early 40s with no prospects on the horizon. She had given up on love when she heard another client saying how she had found love after 15 years of being single. Kelsey felt suddenly faced with the thought of going six more years without love. 

When she came in complaining to Loveawake, she had no idea that her Mr. Right had been looking for her too. And within 20 dates they had found each other! 


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