How not to lose motivation for self-study?

Self-education, whether it is your hobby or mastering the school curriculum, is your choice, which implies a completely different teaching methodology. After some time, the drive and the first emotions will pass and only difficult and painstaking work on notebooks and textbooks will remain. Nothing prevents an adult from quitting studying English in the evenings. But a child who masters the program of 10-11th grade cannot simply leave school, otherwise this will have serious consequences. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to feed the motivation for self-education.

Like-minded people

As mentioned earlier, self-education is basically a solitary process. Studying alone can be extremely difficult, because there is no one to compare successes and discuss difficulties with. When it comes to written work, it is best to look for like-minded essay writers. But when you fail to do this, then use the help from and it will serve you in order to write well written works in order to find like-minded people. So you can gain your authority among like-minded people and share with them the difficulties with writing written papers.

Sometimes an outside perspective is necessary, so it's worth finding people who also decide to master the subject on their own. This opens up new opportunities: students can share literature and notes, test each other's knowledge, and even make friends. The best option is to find someone who understands the subject better than you. Such a person will be able to help sort out the difficulties and tell you where to look.Mostly people are happy to share their experiences out of solidarity with self-learning friends. But if you decide to check your work yourself, then it is best to use the help from and you will be able to check your work on a level with professionals. So you can see how others write essays and you will learn how to write well yourself.

Profile blogs and publications

Motivation can be found in the media: subscribe to an educational publication that publishes success stories, interesting new books, or unconventional memorization methods. This is also true for online resources: YouTube channels, blogs and public discussions on Telegram, Viber or Facebook.

So you can find interesting literature, meet like-minded people and expand your horizons. Motivation will also be increased by the fact that the publication of these publications in the feed will constantly remind you that learning is interesting. But you can also ask to revise my essay and you will see what was the mistake in writing. This is how you will grow as an effective writer.


Man is not a machine. It is impossible to study around the clock, it is necessary to correctly distribute the cognitive load on the brain. The training needs to be hard enough so that knowledge progresses, but it is critical not to allow overload.

Everyone has their own balance: someone can sit at textbooks for 12 hours and not get tired, and someone after two days needs to take a day off

A person who listens carefully to the requirements of the body and gives himself a rest will not lose motivation from fatigue.The surest way out is to take short-term and long-term breaks, because there are holidays at school, and for a reason. On self-study, you can allocate yourself weekends and holidays.


Perfectionism is very harmful to motivation: you should not drop everything and kill yourself because of a mistake or missed class. It is more useful for the emotional state to fix your failures and work on them. The error can be written in a diary, so that later you can clearly see the progress. A missed lesson can be compensated by working on weekends or an extra hour every 2 days.

But the main thing is to celebrate your achievements. Not everyone can force themselves to study, especially in self-study without supervision. Any learned topic or well-executed test should bring satisfaction.

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