Critical Essay Example: Your Best Trump for Writing an Essay

Mary Kay Ash, a famous and very successful businesswoman, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, once said that we should "sandwich every bit of criticism between two thick layers of praise".

This wise quote by such a strong woman can be successfully applied in our case, if you have to write a critical essay and if you have decided to use free essay samples. If you have understood that critical essay example is necessary for you, well done! In this case, you are really smart! If we have prompted it to you, we are also glad because if you have a critical essay example, your chances to write a good critical essay increase significantly.

Why is critical essay example necessary if you are writing a critical essay?

"Criticism" is the key word that explains the necessity of critical essay examples for the creation of a good critical essay. It is necessary to choose reasonable criticism for an essay. It is inadmissible to write that everything the author presents in his book is rubbish, just as in his/her other books written earlier. Even if you do not like everything that is written in a book that is analyzed in your critical essay, you should sound unbiased.

The usefulness of critical essay examples
  • Critical essay example will teach you to sound objective in your critical essay.
  • At the same time, critical essay example will prompt you how to perform the analysis of a work.
  • Critical essay example will show you how to sound authoritative. We, certainly, do not want to underestimate your potential but you are analyzing a work of a writer or researcher or a scientist, and he/she, probably, has rather strong reputation. So, you need trumps to sound not like an amateur but like a professional critic. Critical essay example will show you that it is necessary to resort to the views of authoritative critics and researchers to prove your point of view.
Critical Thinking Essay: The Most Frequently Occurred Topics

Critical writing presupposes a critical evaluation of a certain event, situation, or person. Before writing a critical essay, a student should decide upon the appropriate topic. The choice of critical thinking essay topics is also a very intricate process requiring your deep penetration to a particular subject area.

Possible suggestions for your critical thinking essay topics:
  1. Suggestion number one:You critical thinking essay topic can disclose the role of modern art, which is quite disputable nowadays, as few people could understand the essence of this creative work. Hence, it is possible to put forward your own ideas pertaining to this issue.
  2. Suggestion number two: it is possible to define your critical thinking essay topic as “Democratic Issues or Freedom of Speech” where it is possible to discuss the human rights and freedom in political and legal terms.
  3. Suggestion number three: your critical thinking essay topic may be connected with the analysis of your favorite movie actor, or director. Hence, you may write about Elvis Presley and biases associated with them.
  4. Suggestion number four: you may discuss and evaluate the literary works that provoked the most of attention among the readers. Hence, your critical thinking essay topic may sound as “Denial of Feminism in Shakespeare’s Hamlet”, "Hamlet's Preoccupation with Philosophy" or “Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment”. This might work in case you want to impress your professor.
  5. Suggestion number five: the issues of racial discrimination have always been the most popular topic. Therefore, this critical thinking essay topic about "Martin Luther King and His Teaching"  will be winning for the entire work.
General requirements for critical thinking essay topics:
  • They should be bright and attention-grabbing;
  • They should provoke further discussion;
  • They should correspond to the entire paper;
  • They should be informative.


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