PyWeek7 - Tools of the trade

What tools do you use? Which libraries is your game based on? Take the poll now, and update your responses during the challenge as you change your mind.
Polling is closed. There were 809 respondents. Development Python: 2.5: 106 votes Primary development OS: Linux: 77 votes Graphics: The GIMP: 77 votes Libraries: PyGame: 75 votes Version Control: svn: 55 votes Libraries: pyglet: 43 votes Editor: (g)vim: 42 votes Graphics: Inkscape: 42 votes Primary development OS: Windows: 41 votes Editor: Other: 37 votes Libraries: PyOpenGL: 19 votes Graphics: Blender: 17 votes Libraries: cocos: 16 votes Primary development OS: OS X: 14 votes Editor: Other Python IDE: 14 votes Editor: Eclipse: 14 votes Version Control: other: 14 votes Graphics: Adobe Anything: 13 votes Version Control: bzr: 13 votes Editor: IDLE: 12 votes QA: Sibling: 12 votes Development Python: 2.4: 8 votes Development Python: 2.6/3.0: 7 votes Editor: (x)emacs: 7 votes Editor: DrPython: 6 votes Libraries: PyODE: 5 votes Libraries: rabbyt: 5 votes QA: Offspring: 5 votes Libraries: Panda3d: 5 votes QA: Dad: 3 votes QA: Mum: 2 votes Version Control: cvs: 2 votes Version Control: arch: 1 votes Development Python: Jython/FePy/PyPy/Other: 0 votes Development Python: Ruby: 0 votes Winner: Development Python: 2.5!