PyWeek - Legends of Kiralia: Shadows Dawn [by Team zahmeKatzen] - feedback

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3 3 4

I really love your ambition! Making an rpg in a weeks time is not an easy quest, unfortunately it felt like the game had a huge world map but with quite little content. If you keep on working on this and ad more stuff it could be a really, really cool game:)

2 4 2

nice style, game is weird. from killing being hard to killing being easy, no sounds, just needs some more playtesting.

5 3 4

Woo hoo! I love old school RPG's. Fun times. I have to agree with the Dragon Warrior Gold Standard. High marks!

4 4 3

I have to admit that since I'm rating in alphabetical order, I didn't have much patience when rating your game, so I didn't spend much more than 20 minutes on it (I only got to one dungeon, some castle to the south). I liked the part I played, though. I would have liked more if there were more actions to do other than attack, but it was fun anyway. The graphics were nice, they were a bit retro but good-looking. It's a bit daring to do a RPG in a week because RPGs need to have a lot of interesting stuff, so I suppose the lack of extra skills and story in the middle of the game is forgivable, but it's definitely an excellent work for a week.

2 2 1

Aaaa! That green! Seriously the worst shade of green I've seen in my life. Game was ok but it didn't keep me interested :(

3 3 2

Nice an oldschool :)

3 4 2

Short on variety, and plot is far too front loaded (read 12 pages of story, then no story when actually in the game), but this is a pretty good rpg engine for a week.

2 3 3

Not bad, I think the combat could use something more to spice it up a little.

2 5 3

Very ambitious! After about 30 battles where you just keep hitting Enter, though, it was a bit monotonous and I didn't really feel like going on. I got as far as battling Xekloth, but I didn't do so much as 1 point of damage. What's up with that? Also, the Divine Charm didn't seem to work when I used it. Good job, even so. This game looks like a heck of a lot of work!

2 2 2

Battle interface is rather tedious.

3 5 4

High Quality production. Very huge game. Not a break-through in terms of genre, looks like following the footsteps of civilization II. :)

1 4 2

Too complicated for a five minutes play...

3 4 3

looks like there's a full old-style crpg in here, but my resurrection artifacts didn't work and the battles swung wildly between trivial and devastating. with a bit more tuning this could be pretty good.

5 4 3

VERY nice job on this game! I really liked the artwork and the map work, and the interface was solid and intuitive. The battles were a little on the frequent side, but that's okay. There were a few bugs with the game that kept me from enjoying it fully -- the first was that the game didn't save my progress correctly -- when I saved my game, then went back to it, only the first guy (Athon) still had his leveled-up health, and the other two (Sonea and somehow a new clone of Athon that wasn't there before) were back down to 100 health, and I had to level them up unevenly from then on. For some reason, I was able to beat the two first bosses (the Weratix boss and the Rakesh boss) in a single hit -- they seemed to each have maybe 30 health like all of the other monsters. Even so, it made chugging through the game much quicker. The battles came so quickly together that I was glad for such easy battles. After I beat the second boss and was searching for the third, the game crashed *hard*. Since I hadn't saved in a while, I didn't feel like restoring and re-chugging through all of those battles again, so I just put it down and decided to not figure out if there was an ending or not. Partial crash log:
File "/home/hajonna/Projects/pw7/gamelib/", line 627, in do_action
File "/home/hajonna/Projects/pw7/gamelib/", line 34, in attack
File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/", line 191, in randrange
raise ValueError, "empty range for randrange() (%d,%d, %d)" % (istart, istop, width)
ValueError: empty range for randrange() (40,40, 0)</pre>
Regardless, fantastic job on the game -- it was fun, and you did a great job on production. All told, well done! This is one of the more impressive entries in the contest.

2 3 2

Maybe I missed the relevance to strings, buried in the apparently endless exposition at the start of the game.

3 4 2 yes

Well produced RPG engine. Could have used more feedback and guidance. There's really a lot of
text to read, and my preference is to not read when I'm playing a game. Sorry, but I had to
disqualify because the theme was given lipservice only.

3 5 3

Huuuuuge game.

2 3 2

I disliked the genre, so it is no surprise that the fun factor wasent here for me.

2 3 1

Too slow

5 5 4

good game. good production value. well thought out and reasonably done.

2 4 2

Way too complex for pyweek! ;)

3 2 2


2 3 3

Good interface stuff and content development but it really needs music.

3 4 3

This game looks pretty solid; needs some sound and music.

3 2 2

Pretty impressive for a game done in a week, lots of backstory and items. Nice ff-esque graphics, but these games really need catchy music to grab my attention. Also, the text in the beginning was way too long, maybe it could've been told in a more interactive way?

4 5 4

Well.. wow. :D The game felt so huge. The storyline was great. I didn't finish the game yet but i probably do. The battle system in the end might become a bit boring since all i did was press attack :P

Anyway, great job guys :o