PyWeek - The treacherous salsa dancer - feedback

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4 3 3

I had fun with this one. Even though it had 9 rounds, it kept me interested in all of them. Graphics could use work but somehow they fit the style of the game. This game feels hard, but somehow I managed to make 7 out of 9 rounds.

4 3 4


4 2 3

Enjoyable, even though the graphics are a bit ugly.

3 3 3

Not really my sort of game, but not badly done.

3 3 3

I stink at memory games, so this is WAY to hard for me. Good job, though.

4 3 4

Could really use a 2-player mode :)

4 3 2

Really made me giggle. I dance salsa sometime so I'll have to try these moves.

4 3 3

Link to the theme was a bit tenuous but otherwise a fun although short game.

4 3 4

Very nice. But I'm a very bad dancer - even on keyboard.. >.<

2 3 4

There should be some benefit to dancing in time with the music.

1 2 3 yes

Did not follow the theme of the challenge

3 4 4

I think the game could have been slightly harder, but other than that I like what you did here. Nice drawings too!

5 5 5

Following the dance moves games have been done before, but you really pulled it off well. Nine different dance moves seems so daunting, but that's what made it fun. I love your graphics and storyline, and the varying difficulty depending on your performance. You really integrated the dance moves quite well. It was intuitive which keys I had to press, instead of having to memorize nine keys.

3 2 3

That song you used ROCKS! I think the art style that you used is hilarious and actually works for the mood of the game.

4 4 3

liked the music.

4 3 3

Funny game. As improvement I suggest to link movements with rithm.

3 2 2

actually fun and original rendition of the classic mnemonic game. that's the spirit!

3 3 3

A fairly simple and straightforward game, but well executed. It would probably be a little more interesting if you had to match the timing of the movements as well as the sequence.

2 2 2

Refreshing in its own way. I'm not a fan of the genre really (there are similar mini-games in some JRPGs). Not awful MSPaint graphics, music ripped so no comment on that.

4 5 4

good work, nice game. graphic is perfect for this game.

5 3 4

Very funny game.

1 1 1

1 3 4

Would have given it 5/5 innovation if similar gameplay wasn't in sid meiers pirates :)

I feel that you could have improved this somewhat; including trying to draw me into the experience. But still, the graphics were well produced if they were indeed handdrawn, and I expect you had fun making it, that's what counts, right! :)

Hope to see you next time.